Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Micromix 23: Featuring Fever Dream Field Recording

1. The Five Discs - Doctor
2. Alain Poinsot - Rosarium 2 (Reversed & mixed with dictaphone recording of fever dream I had while in bed with pneumonia)
3. West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - I Won't Hurt You
4. Sun Ra - Solar Drums
5. Sparks - The Number One Song in Heaven
6. Ruth White - Gymnopedie No. 1
7. Rafael Toral - We Are Getting Closer
8. Phillip Jeck - Wholesome
9. Paul Giovanni - The Anointing
10. Sonny Sharrock - Once Upon A Time
11. Lou Reed - Coney Island Baby

Transcript of Fever Dream Field Recording:

or:... oh... a gorgeous a gorgeous and vapid transcript
or: name and date
or: faculty lead / apparitions
or: a necros Neapolitan nashville diamond exit
forma formulaic and famous for these, you know, oral drapes
always acrost accost hmmm
or: Fripp no are these quartets or are these
a montage or discovery option discovery application for knowledge
oh yeah oh oriental knowledge mask front forum days-ish
contact contaction
connector (oh the gorgeous king enveloped by dust clouds)
please make clear spotty skies
or: clean out my lungs with prescription heat
key press caption
how to donate blood on an empty island
or: if it was even necessary
why even bother these days?
snapping and fantastic coral
drip drip drip enthusiastic mornings
always doves ripped op.. ripped open
iraqi iroquois
named after kings or a king
die name dyno dynamic
or: asleep (forma forma)
formal soft granite shoulder
marble neck
sleeping shape
soft, floral floral "maybe its a channel"
maybe its a channel
and there is noise there that could empty a stadium of breathing loud lungs