Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saw My Bloody Valentine in London Saturday Night

(somebody's video from's actually from friday night. on saturday night the noise lasted for 25 minutes. and was considerably louder according to db meters)
I will now contribute to the ongoing modern folklore and mythologizing of MBV:

It was the single loudest thing I have ever experienced. The sound moved my face. My balls retracted. It was like standing in front of the mouth of hell or a nuclear holocaust. If this sounds like fun, you are like me and FUCKED UP. It hurt.

Other random notes / points for discussion among you, the reader:

1. Debbie Googe is a badass.

2. Is the cathartic noise-burst at the end (which you've all probably read or heard about or perhaps even experienced firsthand) really cathartic since we all know its coming. Does this reduce its impact?

3. My Bloody Valentine are a folk band. Their music transfers experience in broad, ambiguous terms utilizing simple chords and melodies.

4. The sound guy (who also does sound for Mogwai) deserves some kind of huge reward for being a brilliant sonic architect.

5. This is not a point of debate but an observation: During the final 20 minute nihilist noise assault I went from excited to tense to happy to sort of depressed to feeling ill to feeling absolutely nothing. It is the closest I have come to complete meditation or a hypnotic state in a long time. I actually did not think at all for about five minutes.

6. Moses noted that "Belinda had the same facial expression when she was staring at the ground playing guitar that a elementary school teacher has when operating a photocopier."

7. Whitney who has never heard of MBV and was dragged to the show by the rest of us looked up to me at one point and silently mouthed the words "what the fuuuuuck" to me. She also smiled a lot before her fucking face melted off.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Deerhunter - Live Videos from Youtube

DEERHUNTER live at "Budascoop", KORTRIJK 09-06-08

Sorry for the lackluster performance. I have been fighting a demon bitch cold that has filled my lungs with cream of dust.


Here is an older set of videos from our last tour featuring colin. it has some tripmaster visual effects. it also has the rocker version of calvary scars (don't be scared guys - we still might record that one for a single)

Cryptograms - Live at "Tivoli", UTRECHT 10-11-07

Calvary Scars - Live at "Tivoli", UTRECHT 10-11-07

Dr. Glass - Live at "Tivoli", UTRECHT 10-11-07

Deerhunter @ Primavera Sound 2008:

and lastly a video from our show last weekend in Berlin...

The new version of Washoff with Whitney's 10 minute Harmonica Solo.:

Atlas Sound - A Lullaby from the Netherlands

Here is a song I made while bored trying to fall asleep at a hotel. It uses samples from Carl Orff's Kindermusic. It is admittedly kind of boring. But so is touring.


Monday, June 2, 2008

Panda Bear's Bookie Pad Micromix

"we had some trouble with rain today. the sky kind of threatened most of the evening and we got worried about being electrocuted some. we had put some small tarps and shirts and things over the equipment and hoped the skies would clear until finally a pocket of blue sky slowly opened just up above us and grew out until most of the sky seemed less scary.
while we played i was sure for a little bit that i had been in that place doing the same thing and then i thought maybe i had just dreamt it before. i should say i felt really good when the guy who had put on the show seemed happy and glad that it hadnt gotten rained out. i was glad too for sure. these are some songs that have been making me feel psyched recently.
the mogollar song is for fitz for sure. the thin lizzys are for fitz and for brad both and i should say theyre probably the most listened to on tours these days. some of these jams have been good ones for a while and some are just new for me."

1. Mogollar - Katip Arzuhalim Yaz Yare Boyle
2. Davey Graham - Both Sides Now
3. Thin Lizzy - Honesty Is No Excuse
4. Amy Winehouse - Love Is a Losing Game
5. Sugababes - Push the Button
6. Sparks - My Other Voice
7. Lindstrom - Arp She Said
8. Daft Punk - Make Love
9. Erykah Badu - Soldier
10. Thin Lizzy - Sitamoia
11. The Zombies - Leave Me Be
12. Echo and the Bunnymen - Ocean Rain