Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Micromix 12

I hope you guys still dig the micromixes. If they are boring or too inconsistent or whatever i can stop making them. i don't want to get into trouble. i actually got an idea of how many people visit this blog recently and it kind of freaked me out cause it makes me think i could get into trouble for doing things that normally i would feel comfortable doing in front of a small audience, such as making mixtapes of uh copyrighted stuff or whatever. my only intention is to promote music i like, some of which is lesser known...

1. the bats - block of wood
2. b-52's - private idaho (live chicago 1979)
3. simon finn - very close friend
4. bionaut - electric campfire (in a neo-ackerman style)
5. birds nest roys - me want me get me need me have me love me
6. captain beefheart - bat chain puller
7. dead c - sky
8. dock boggs - old rub alcohol blues
9. tamas ungvary - basic barrier (1973)
10. solex - another tune like not fade away (kid 606 mix)
11. ramones - i wanted everything
12. orton socket - iron wire
13. nobukazu takemura - a flying squirrel
14. quickspace - semtex