Wednesday, December 12, 2007

random list of things i enjoyed this year...

... some of which might not have come out this year (and in no order):

1. grizzly bear - he hit me and it felt like a kiss. i've decided that i actually like this one better than the original in a lot of ways. mainly because it opens up in the middle and at the end with all the floaty vocal harmonies and it makes me feel like i could cry. if i had feelings anymore. MWA HAHAHA..

2. jay reatard - blood visions (might have come out a while ago, can't remember....) and his live show.

3. my new fender jaguar bass that is red and has the word "badass" engraved on the bridge.

4. a new set of mallets. i've been working on some new atlas sound songs for a new album and i've been using mallets on a floor tom and maracas a lot. its convinient because i don't have to walk downstairs and mic an entire drum kit, plus i usually stay up all night recording and thusly can't be pounding on a drum set with the neighbors and all. The floor tom keeps a nice minimal pulse, and with mallets you don't have to play very loud to get a nice strong sound. you just have to compress the fuck out of it.

5. boredoms - rebore vol. 0 mixed by eye. i used to listen to this all the time. i would smoke grass and listen to it and then get panicky and take some xanax and go into my childhood bedroom which i had converted into a make-shift music room and plug in a bunch of mic's and record drums on a four track, or four tracks of drums. lo-fi polyrhythms. it was fun and i was stoned and younger and had no aspirations beyond making tapes to listen to in my broken ass saturn while i drove around delivering chinese food. i started listening to it again and had drug flashbacks.

6. jim o'rourke - all his old shit. damn.

7. all these old collages me and my girlfriends (non-sexual, as in friends that were girls) used to make while sprawled out in the hallways and garages of suburban homes. i wish i could scan them but most of them are way to big. one of them had an image of a family of progressively taller dogs.

8. tea tree face scrub. scrubs rock. i want scrubs. all. of. the. time. i like to feel the dead skin being ripped away.

9. sony mdr-7606 headphones. i started realizing that all the songs i was posting on here kind of sounded like shit on stereos and stuff. that's because i recorded them all using these fancyprancy bose headphones that had all kinds of built in eq and compression. i decided i wanted to buy a set of dedicated headphones for recording. so i did. they are rad. i recommend them. i was going to get grados but nobody sells them around here and i hate ordering things online. does anyone have anything to say about grados? or monitors? or mixing? i'm interested in learning any tips anyone has to offer. i feel like i am always abusing compressors and you already know about my fling with the vintage warmer.

10. my bloody valentine - sometimes. when i was in new york doing press for the atlas sound record i listened to this song 73 consecutive times before i stopped counting. it's nice to walk around subway stations and down random crowded avenues with this pounding at maximum volume in my headphones. it makes everything seem more interesting than it is. i really like it when the flute starts being delayed. i guess its pretty predictable that i would talk about mbv since they are obviously an influence on like a million bands including ours but i really can't get over this song. is it in an open tuning? what's up with this shit?

i just realized that non of this shit has anything to do with this year except grizzly bear. congratulations grizzly bear.

p.s. i wanted to disable the comments section on the samara post but could not figure out how. please discontinue any mean comments about anyone on here. everybody has feelings. except for me. MWA HAHAHA. leave all the mean comments about me you want. they give me erections, then i copy and paste them into a spreadsheet called "reasons for rocking"

live it.