Monday, December 3, 2007

For "A Good Fan"... Words From the Wall (Version II)

This is a new version of a song I previously posted here. This one goes out to "a good fan" from the last comments section... maybe you'll get it if you know me as well as you think..

Atlas Sound - Words From the Wall (Version II)

oh yeah and here is an distorted fuzzed out version that cuts out inexplicably near the end...

Atlas Sound - Words from the Wall (Electric)

Dave, its really funny you should ask for a cover of "This Must Be The Place" because I have been listening to that song non-stop for the past week and a few days ago I started making a song out samples from it. It isn't finished and is just a sketch with lots of missed notes and mistakes, but here it is.... I can't stress how much I've been digging that song recently. I was never the biggest Talking Heads fan, but that song is so perfect. Especially for this time of the year...

Atlas Sound - Basement Memory