Monday, December 3, 2007

Catching Up...

Currently heavily listening to:

1. Bob Dylan - The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carol
2. Tod Dockstader - Aerial #2
3. Loveless (always at this time of the year I re-obsess over this album, usually focusing on a different song. this time its "sometimes")
4. Bongwater - Double Bummer
5. Kevin Ayers - Oddities
6. Robert Wyatt - Rock Bottom
7. Roxy Music - Country Life
8. Pulp - This is Hardcore
9. Steve Roach - Structures from Silence (thanks to Adam's Rad New Age Blog, see the hiatus post below for the link)

What are you guys listening to? Any suggestions? I'm feeling melancholy and enjoying my downtime by forcing myself into solitude and staring out my window a lot. I love and hate this time of year. Barcelona this weekend should be a good distraction, as well as a total mindfuck.

So I'm ready to do another mix (getting tired of calling them micromixes, seems kind of kitschy.) This time I was considering just zipping it and having the songs be all separate files. Several people have asked me to do it, the only reason I'm reluctant is i don't want to get some letter telling me I'm in deep shit for giving away copy-written material. So you guys give me some feedback. The comments sections on here have been a little weak lately and I'm kind of getting bored. I wanna find out about new music too. Would it help if I did some more covers? That was fun. Open call, reasonable cover requests... You guys can vote each other out and pick a few and I'll be obliged. I have nothing but time and solitude. And music. Also if you want to ask questions, I'll answer them. I'll clear one thing up to start. The Deerhunter hiatus is not related to Atlas Sound. I am not quitting Deerhunter to pursue a "solo career," that would be a little gross... Atlas Sound is also not just a solo thing. As I've said before in this post, right now (and up unto this point) i've been recording this stuff by myself (since i was about 10 or 11) I want Atlas Sound to be a band, and have creative input from other people. I've asked my friend Stephanie to join the band and Honey and Adam from Valet and White Rainbow are still on, as well as Brian Foote of Nudge. Atlas Sound is something I want to do to experiment and mature a little, which i find it hard to do with Deerhunter, since so much of what we do is based on noise and volume and catharsis. I want a wall of sound still, but smaller, and with more variety in instrumentation. As you guys know from reading this blog, I'm interested in all kinds of music from early electronic stuff to, you know, like, the Breeders. I just want to have fun and make music (a lot of music) and put on interesting good shows that people can really enjoy and be fulfilled by. Lately that's not what I've been feeling with Deerhunter. In part due to many of my own mistakes and loudmouthed behavior, I've been misinterpreted as an attention seeker. The only reason I would seek attention is so that I can have the means to make more records and not feel trapped by mediocrity. It's 6:00 a.m. and most normal people are getting up to go to work where they earn steady paychecks. You can be trapped by mediocrity doing that or playing music. Neither person is better off, and its all in your head.