Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Atlas Sound - Ivy Belk (Via ZShare)

NOTE: sorry about the broken mediafire link, i re-uploaded it like five times and every time it uploaded successfully but the link was fucked. mediafire must be having a bad day. here is the song via sendspace....)

UPDATE: SENDSPACE IS FUCKED TOO. WHAT IS THE DEAL. HERE IS ANOTHER ATTEMPT: http://www.zshare.net/audio/5733291addf82c/

Here's another product of insomnia and winter melancholy (which i should tell you i kind of enjoy...) It's named after a girl I went to High School with and who was in my homeroom, but other than that I know absolutely nothing about her and never had anything to do with her. She never talked. She had really thick glasses and played violin or something but she just went completely unnoticed. No. One. Ever. Talked. To. Ivy. Belk. Ever.

I wanted to scan her yearbook picture but could not find my yearbooks anywhere. I tore apart my room. Where the fuck are they? Lockett, did you borrow them? Anyway. Here is a random image from a collage book I kept back then that has nothing to do with Ivy Belk but looks cool. The lyrics don't really mean anything. They're just stream-of-consciousness ramblings in which I play a character that is in love with Ivy Belk and goes to community college and works early morning shifts at QuickTrip or something. When I was recording the glitchy bells the sun was rising and suddenly my room was filled with unreal golden light. Totally bathed. It felt important.


ivy growing on a tree
will you never mary me?
i've got the soul you need to breathe
i've got the money we need to eat
windows always dim the sun
can't expect the only one
you ever cared about to call
you never know when they might call

ivy grows on buildings
in this dust-covered dead city
thought i'd escape by now
i thought i'd escape this place by now
i want to shape (shake?) this place right now
i want to face reality now


So I had this idea for an experiment. I have been really into converting awkward emotional situations or sad situations etc. into songs. I've done covers before by request... How's this. If you have something you want converted into a song (a sad story, an awkward memory, a photograph, a memorable dream, etc. I will convert your texts, linedrawings, photos, memories of past loved ones into song. ONE DAY ONLY. seriously, no jokes or stupid shit like "write a song about this shit i took and photographed with my cameraphone" come on, this blog has higher standards than that. this is a classy blog. no shit. only sadness and reverb and nostalgia. get with it now. i will pick the best and record my ass off tomorrow. Let me be your sonic psychiatrist. Therapy music for the people. Help me by letting me help you. Also if you want to have IMMEDIATE inclusion and be pushed to the top of the line, send an mp3 or something of you telling the story or describing the dream or what have you. Give me some kind of source material. This is my christmas gift to you guys, but its also your gift to me so make it what it could be... and you can be anonymous if you want. in that case post the story or link to photo or audio file of you talking here in the comments section. Focus on something that fucked you up. Or regret. Or Loss. Or your autistic cousin who stares at videogames without playing them. I don't want this to seem exploitative either. I just want to make songs that people can say "fuck that song is mine, that's for me." its one thing to relate to a song written about an experience similar to yours, it would be another to relate to a song written about your experience. I just want to try this. I'm really serious. In all these interviews for the Atlas Sound record I've been talking about "Healing Music" and music as being "Cathartic" or "Therapeutic." I really want to try to help someone or some people in a real direct way and the best thing I know how to do is write songs really fast. Sorry for rambling. It's like 9 am and I still haven't gone to sleep yet... p.s. this is not a publicity stunt or something to get me attention. so any internet music blog magazine type people reading this please don't turn it into a "news item" This is a personal thing for people who appreciate the idea and want to be involved.

UPDATE: i just woke up. its five. full inbox. submissions are closed unless you REALLY REALLY REALLY have something you NEED to send. It will take me a couple of days to do this. I was very moved by the submissions. I cried several times reading them today.