Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Atlas Sound - Holiday EP #1

First of all this picture is deceiving. It is supposed to set the mood and is not an accurate depiction of my surroundings. It barely ever snows here in Atlanta, however there was the amazing and memorable "Blizzard of '93", but I digress...

Here is an EP I did for Holiday listening. That is actually a deceiving statement. I recorded one song "Requiem For All The Lonely Teenagers With Passed Out Moms" tonight, the other two songs are ambient pieces from a tape I recorded last year called "Cape Cod II," which was like this fucked up concept tape about the Kennedy family getting abducted by creatures who needed money and took them into an underground crypt / labyrinth. I reworked them tonight and they serve as ambient bookends to the pop song.

1. Children's Choir Rehearsal (misspelled in the file info.. no spellcheck there in itunes or ableton wink wink)
2. Requiem For All The Lonely Teenagers With Passed Out Moms
3. 10th Grade Concept Map

"requiem for all the lonely teenagers with passed out moms"

so many things
she's passed out drunk
i'm seventeen
on the t.v. screen
a preacher sings
glory be to him
i want to invite you home
i want to invite you home
i want to call you on the phone
but it's too late
i know what you're dad would say
he'd say "it's too late to call"
i write you a note
in ball point pen
i left it all in
i slip it to you
in the hallways
in the hallway
i want to ask you home
i want to invite you home
i don't want to be alone anymore
and in the hall
you slipped one back into my palm
it says "i'll never come home with you"
so after all I've been let down
I've been let down
it's nothing new
i can handle it
i can handle it

I know these lyrics are a little sentimental and cloying but isn't that what pop songs are all about? Its about when I really liked someone in high school and was lonely and smoked a lot of pot, and I stayed up all night and wrote them a note and they wrote back telling me I was a creep. That's the kind of warm stuff I think about, almost a decade later, alone in my bedroom around the holidays. I called this EP "#1" because I plan on making a #2 in the next few days and trying to tackle some actual Christmas songs, like that Elvis song one of you requested. It might be super-annoying! :D