Monday, September 10, 2007

A Sweet Lovesong from Sierra Leone / A Weekend in the Northwest

Sorry for the dry spell in posts. We flew out of Atlanta at 8:00 am on Thursday to play in Seattle and Portland with our sweet cute buddies Grizzly Bear. Lockett and I stayed up all night Wednesday and so we felt like shit for the majority of the weekend because it was hard to replace the missing night of sleep. The show in Seattle went okay but the borrowed gear was kind of shitty. Chris Taylor, Grizzly Bears bass player who doubles as head of the supreme council of instant haircuts gave my newly died burgundy (in homage to 1992 period Kurt Cobain NOT my so called life) hair the workout. After the show we drove to Olympia and stayed with Calvin Johnson who never fails to show me some amazing obscure piece of music. This time it was a collection of "hard to find r&b , pop, highlife, palm wine, juju, and coral music from africa, recorded between 1967 - 1972." The record, Lipa Kodi Ya City Council" was put out by a small label in portland called Mississippi Records. I had found one other compilation by them called "I Don't Feel at Home in this World Anymore," which was equally amazing. Calvin also had sent me another record they put out that collects old blues 78's but I have not had much time to explore that one.

The next morning we drove to Portland and checked into our hotel which turned out to be this weird sex hipster thing. It looked like an Ikea showroom and had a condom on the nightstand under a big red arrow that said "YES!" It made me nauseaus. No kidding, I spent the entire weekend feeling like a grossed out 10 year old boy. There was actually an adult toystore in the hotel next door to our room. I slept alone on a bed made for fucking. It made me more tired upon waking. It also made me realize how grossed out I am by the pathetic hetero or homo mating ritual of indie rock culture. Do I sound like an asshole? I'm not conservative. I'm just terrified. Therapy didn't work out so well for me I guess..

Friday we played a free show at an awesome space called Audio Cinema and met some awesome kids and scored free Nikes, which is nice because free shoes are always nice. After that Lockett and I went back to the sexhotel and took advantage of the free wireless and downloaded SNES emulators and Lockett played "Earthbound" while I downloaded Jim O'Rourke's "I'm happy and I'm Singing and a 1,2,3" B-52'w bootlegs from Jamaica and the soundtrack to Bram Stoker's Dracula.

Saturday we did a live session for KEXP which you can stream off their website at KEXP by going to stream archive and typing in "Saturday Sept. 8" and "4PM" it sounded pretty good. Josh's bass died after the first song, the new one "Calvary Scars" so there was an awkward Q&A session that didn't amount to anything bloggable (ha ha). Then I got to hang out with the Forkster of White Rainbow. He took me and Kristin to Mississippi and I scored that African LP ($7!!!) and another LP with early recordings of detroit girl groups ($4!!!) if you live in, or are visting Portland, I HIGHLY suggest you scope that place out. We walked in and they were blasting Forbidden Planet and had this cool kid that looked about 15 who was just hanging out and listening to piles of field recordings.. sometimes Portland seems like another planet.

Later that night L and I checked out the scene at the White Rainbow / Yacht / Dirty Projectors show. White Rainbow was sick as fuckkk. You will be hearing a lot more about him on here soon. Yacht was also cool but I couldn't see much because it was so packed. DP was good also but we had to ditch to go play with Bobby Conn. That show was also fun. Kristin says I am abusing my new Mutron III. I reminded her that she does not like Stereolab so she would never understand. I also reminded her that Ween used phasers. She rolled her eyes and looked away from me. The night ended with me and Bobby Conn doing his song "Angels" as the encore. Bobby was ACE and is the real deal.

We flew back this morning and I am emotional and tired (as the british say). I laid down and put on the African LP and took an ativan and fell in love with this song:

S.E. Rogie - Do Me Justice.mp3

It's a love song. I listened to it over and over. It is so sweet. I mean that in a way that doesn't exist in this day and age. Which is sad. Now there are only sexhotels with condoms that sit on the table next to you while you are sleeping and infect your dreams. Confusion is sex.


P.S. excerpt of liner notes from this record "The music on one side Efik, my own language portrays the fact that life is nothing and we should not fear death."

P.P.S. Lockett will probably post something when he beats "Earthbound"