Friday, July 6, 2007

Groundbreaking Historical First Post. Deerhunter Visits Chunky Masonic Lodge, Discovers Ancient Mixtape.

we blog now. here is a picture from when we discovered the chunky masonic lodge. it was filled with dead kittens. total bummer.

mixtape discovered in box in closet:


1. swell maps - international rescue
2. 13th floor elevators - don't fall down
3. the crystals - he hit me (and it felt like a kiss)
4. dwarves - college town
5. anouschka et les prives - control
6. kleenex lilliput - madness
7. the fall - jawbone and air rifle
8. magazine - rhythm of cruelty
9. art attacks - neutron bomb
10. germs - forming
11. chrome - tv as eyes
12. red cross - standing in front of a poser


13. the damned - neat neat neat
14. stooges - johnanna
15. them - mystic eyes
16. talking heads - warning sign
17. flowchart - icicles & clipboards
18. eno - landscape with haze
19. dead c - voodoo spell
20. godz - lay in the sun
21. flipper - living for the depression
22. u.s. maple - aplomado
23. pere ubu - have shoes will walk
24. autechre - cap iv

Tomorrow we play with the Fiery Furnaces at the EARL here in Atlanta. Should be fun... I like them a lot.

also my favorite thing i have heard in a long time is the telepathe song "i can't stand it" from the forthcoming rare book room records comp. hear it here:

- Bradford

P.S. be forewarned i am a terrible speller.