Monday, July 9, 2007

Tour Dates (First Show Tonight in Charlottesville)

7.09.07 Satellite Ballroom w/ Clockcleaner
7.10.07 Starlite Ballroom w/ Man Man
7.11.07 Bowery Ballroom w/ Ex Models, Blues Control
7.12.07 ICA w/ Keith Fullerton Whitman
7.15.07 Pitchfork Music Festival @ Union Park w/ New Pornographers, Stephen Malkmus, and many more!
7.16.07 Grog Shop w/ The Ponys, Jay Reatard
7.17.07 Magic Stick w/ The Ponys, Jay Reatard
7.18.07 Lee's Palace w/ The Ponys, Jay Reatard
7.19.07 Lambi w/ The Ponys, Jay Reatard
7.20.07 AS220 w/ Mixel Pixel, Triangle Forest
7.21.07 Ottobar w/ Battles, Singer (ex-U.S Maple)
7.26.07 Caledonia Lounge
9.27.07 Drunken Unicorn w/ No Age
9.28.07 Mercy Lounge w/ No Age

Hope to see you guys out at some of these shows. Come up and talk with us. If you think I look so emaciated that I might be dying please feel free to donate to the "Feed Bradford" donation jar at the merch table. I *promise* scout's honor not to spend the money on heroin. It will all go straight to McDonalds. If you donate over five dollars you will also be eligible to blog about my physical appearance. You can say whatever you want! FOR FIVE DOLLARS!!! (or more) !!!

playing with the fiery furnaces was great last night. they completley change their songs' arrangements live and the whole thing had a latin-james-brown review show type atmosphere. They were also really interesting and friendly people. They have Jason Lowenstein from Sebadoh (Kristin was totally geeking the fuck out). Matt Friedberger and I got the opportunity to discuss telefunken microphones, shurman filterbanks, and eventide harmonizers, and debate tony visconti's value as a producer. I think he's a genius. Matt Friedberger "They just paid him to sit around and do cocaine." Matt Friedberger = comic genius.

Tonight was bowling night. Lockett Slayed me in three games although I picked up pretty well during the second. He constantly upstages me with his college-learned "spin technique". I will slay him at poker tomorrow, though.

Last night was also Colin's Birthday. Thanks to Zopi for throwing him a rad party including a "Dusseldorf" dance session, which I kept mistaking for neu! 2.

Current Playlist this Weekend:
1. Brian Eno's Another Green World
2. Nobukazu Takemura - Assembler 2
3. XTC- Black Sea
4. Jay Reatard - Blood Visions
5. Cosey Fanni Tutti - Selflessness
6. Nico - Drama of Exile
7. Edward Scissorhands - OST
8. Nurse with Wound - Funeral Music for Perez Prado
9. Pram - Gash
10. Robyn Hitchcock - I Often Dream of Trains