Saturday, July 7, 2007

Cryptograms LP + Fluorescent Grey EP Lryics

Because quite a few people have written asking about the lyrics, I've decided to post them from memory. Might not be 100% accurate. I very rarely write lyrics in advance, they are all sort of stream of conciousness. If anyone has interest I thought i would decode a little bit of what i'm talking about in these songs.



My greatest fear, I fantisized:
The days were long, the weeks flew by
Before I knew I was awake
My Days were through, it was too late
My greatest fear, I organized
Into something more realized
And now what’s left I get to spend
Knowing that its about to end
My greatest fear I can’t decode
A cryptogram whose seeds weren’t sewn
My last few weeks I irised out
My vision blurred
There was no sound
There was no sound

White Ink

(Instrumental - we wanted it to sound like a boy cumming alone in his room for the first time.)

Lake Somerset

It pays to kill
Anyone who has information
In the park, we hide behind rocks
We urinate on rocks
Until the sun comes up
Encrypted in flesh
Concrete soaked in sweat
We lived in Lake Somerset
It was south of Dallas Highway
Just east of a drained lake
Orchids disolve
Equations solved
Psychic Landscape
To know there is a limit to what you can experience
These walls I know, I grew up here
(No satisfaction)

(Instrumental - tried to capture a certain solitude, conceptualized this after jumping out of the van after a fight with the rest of the band on a bridge in Providence, RI on the tour leading up to the first aborted session. I felt totally alone. I walked around providence at dusk, there were all these pretty houses that were lit from within and sprinklers refracting the last colors of the sunset. it was a really meditative, low point. in the liner notes i talk about it briefly i think, i ended up walking to the warehouse were we were playing with lightning bolt and sitting alone in the van listening to oval in headphones and crying for the rest of the night. i was also wearing gloves for some reason, which i refused to remove. i think i took six or seven xanax that night.)


I was the corpse that spiraled out
Into phantom hallways

(directly inspired by the cover art on the grove paperback edition of dennis cooper's "closer", please read it if you have not already)

Red Ink:
(Instrumental - Moses and I tried to create the kind of atmosphere with this song where you have a dream that you have died and you understand the technical aspects of the death experience totally and it feels like reality, like its totally over... but then you wake up, thus...)

Spring Hall Convert:

So I woke up
In a radio freeze
Occupied by a couple of girls
I knew from
Way back when, where
Oh, I had my face like the ocean
So I’d radiate but
Too much radiation
I walk around like a walker
And like a walker
Always choosing where to go
And where to be


Too much radiation

So long loneliness

So far from home

(When I was sixteen I was hospitalized for extensive surgeries on my chest ribs and back because of marfan's. That entire summer was like completley erased. I was in a coma for a couple of weeks. I got to really understand what its like to not be well. I've always sort of understood, growing up with marfan's, but this was hardcore shit. I wrote this song transposing this high school acid trip where i saw my two best friends back then, Sarah and Chrissy, bathed in this golden spring light in the hallway of my highschool and felt really close to them, like we were sisters. I always felt genderless around them. I actually took a photo of them in that hallway that day which i will find and upload. If the song could be captured visually, this photo would be it. Anyways, I was trying to transpose the concepts of illness (in this case I was writing from the perspective of someone going in and out of conciousness during chemotherapy, and how they would miss their friends, their past experiences, and anything that reminded them of normalcy, or a time before misery. Nostalgia as anesthetic)

Strange Lights:

What direction should we choose
We’re lost and still confused
I walk into the sun
With you the only one
Who understood the ways
The hours became days
The weeks turn into months
We walk into the sun
So glad to have a guide
Less lonely for the ride
And should this car ascend
At least I’m with a friend
In space all things are slow
No sound with speakers blown
The silence fits the scene
The prince is now the king
Neon blurs my sight
I’m guided by strange lights
I’m rattled and I’m stunned
We walk into the sun

(the music for strange lights was written entireley by lockett, who told me about a dream he had in which he and i and our friend walked into the sun together, knowing it was going to kill us, but we did it anyway just to be doing something together i guess. I think of this as an unrequited homoerotic lovesong from me to someone else. Its very complicated. It's mainly about brotherhood or friendship. It's about companionship, and facing uncertainty with someone to share it with. Pretty sentimental stuff but its the product of our interpersonal relationships and stuff and is really meant to be sincere.)

Hazel St:

There was no connecting my actions with words
In the bright sunlight, the movement of birds
The car ride home, was blinded again
The light would not focus the light would not bend
There’s no use calling I know what you’d say
Over and over it ended today
Worlds lost their meaning and could not explain
Why the subject was always just out of frame

I was sixteen
I lived on Hazel Street
Protect me from the scene
And guide me with your heat

Ice forms in sheets
There melting in the street

(This goes back to the whole sixteenth year of my life spent in a hospital bed thing. I have major issues about it and have recently started going to therapy and am back on antidepressents. Obviously as so many of you have noticed, my body is fucked up. I never really recovered from all that surgery and stuff. This song is kind of like a jack off fantasy about what it would have been like if i had been the person i wanted to be physically (i.e. healthy, cute, whatever...) and lived on Hazel St which is this quaint little street of the town square in downtown Marietta, Georgia.. It's just a fantasy about being normal. Its kind of prefaced with an argument or a conflict or a relationship breakdown, the kind of things that make me fantasize about having been born normal even more.)


In the beginning the world was a map
Out through the back door and into the trap
Home is an echo reflecting a place
I disappeared then and without a trace

I was arranged to leave on that day
There were complications I’ve chosen to stay
I saw the curtains and it was the end
When one life is over a new one begins
Was not seen again

(I was born in Athens at a house my dad built on a street called Heatherwood Lane, which my mom named. I always figured I might go back there someday to die. I like circles.)

Fluorescent Grey:

I woke up in the middle of the night
I called out –
I called your name
Patiently, Patiently
Why do I dream so often of his body
When his body will decay
His flesh will be fluorescent grey

Patiently, Patiently

You were my god in high school

People never really know.

Patiently, Patiently

(This song is about panic attacks, lust, and existential dread. It's a hit!)

Dr. Glass:

In the world
So many
Useless bodies
So much traffic
In the world
So many
Useless bodies
Please consider

All the couples kissing

The children missing

The corpses rotting

In the cities spotting the globe

(more existential dread on a global scale)

Like New:

I opened up my aim
I put cotton to flame
I saw the city lanes
Mirrored in falling rain

Seems like new

And so the skeletons
Had left their work undone
Nowhere to hide their skin
Back to the crypt again

Be like you

(Lockett wrote the music for this one, I just tried to decorate it with words, Someone asked if it was about drugs. No. It might be about waking up one day after a long period of depression and finding the world somehow more bearable and kind of "new" and exciting again.)

Wash Off:

We had some conflicts with prince erudite
Laid out on spreadsheets
And in the parking lot
Of my high school
Cheap acid, soft focus
I was sixteen

(Self-explanatory for the most part. This really uppity hippie kid sold me fake acid in the parking lot of my high school and then told me something about how I wasn't open minded enough to "let it work" or "let it do its thing" he kept telling me to relax, i was like "give me my money back you fucking hippie..." then he called me "weak". like my spirit was "weak" or something. so I switched to popping pills / speed and got heavily into the fall's hex enduction hour and wire's pink flag, which i consider to be two speed-anthem type lp's. then i od'd on some designer speed with a girls name. From then on I never really enjoyed drugs that much.)